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  • Covid Vaccine 02

    Covid Vaccine

    100097 COVID-19 - Cansino 4,225 none DAILY 100079 COVID-19 - VAC-SPUTNIK-V DOSE I 6,134 none DAILY 100081 COVID-19 - VAC-SPUTNIK-V DOSE II 6,134 N/A SAME…

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  • Clinical Pathology

    8125Abdominal Fluid For C/E1,650Abdominal FluidSame Day After 12 Hour4195Adenosine Deaminase (ADA-CSF)4,000CSFSame Day After 12 Hour4194Adenosine Deaminase (ADA-FLUID)4,000FluidSame Day After 12 Hour4236Adenosine Deaminase (ADA-Serum)4,0003- 5cc Clotted…

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  • Blood Bank-Transfusion Medicine

    1363Anti Body Screening1,1003- 5cc Clotted Blood or SerumDAILY12056Antibody Identification4,3003 Vials of EDTA SampleAFTER TWO DAYS28000Blood Group & Rh Factor5503cc EDTA BLOOD (CBC VIAL)DAILY3546Cold Agglutination Test7003-…

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