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Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories is amongst the pioneers in providing facility of AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) assay in Lahore. Special chemistry section is equipped with modern  instruments by ROCHE and ABBOT using ECLIA, ELISA, HPLC technology for Tumor markers, Hormones and Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Department is supervised by experienced chemical pathologists.

Cobas 6000 (ROCHE)
Clinical chemistry and Immunochemistry

Architech I 1000 SR (ABBOTT)
Immunoassay analyzer

Cobas E411 (ROCHE)
Immunoassay analyzer

AU 480 (Backman Coulter)
Chemistry Analyzer

Cobas B-121 (ROCHE)
Blood Gas Analyzer


Haematology department is equipped with modern instruments and supervised by best consultants of the town. Bone marrow aspiration, Bone Marrow biopsies, Hb-electrophoresis along with routine tests including complete blood Count, Coagulation profile, bleeding and clotting disorder tests are performed.

Hemoglobin Testing system

Mindary BC-6000
Hematology Analyzer

Sysmax XP 100
Hematology Analyzer


Chemical Pathology department caters for all variety of routine and special chemistry tests. Routine chemistry section is equipped with most modern integrated auto analyzer with a high throughput. In addition laboratory provides point of care testing facility of ABGs, Electrolyte and TEG in critical care areas of hospital.


Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories has a history of excellence in Histopathology. Best consultants of the town are working in this department. Biopsy specimen are grossed by the resident pathologists under consultant supervision. Most biopsies are reported within 05 days.
Unexpected or urgent reports are communicated to the referring physicians directly by pathologists. More than 3000 biopsies are performed annually.

Tissue Processor
Automate Tissue Processor

Semi Automated Rotary Microtome


Hameed Latif Hospital Laboratories has state of the art Microbiology department comparable with any well reputed clinical lab. Microbiology department is run by a qualified clinical microbiologist and technologist team. Blood cultures are performed on state of the art fully automated BACT/ALERT 3D (BioMerieux) Antimicrobial susceptibility testing is also performed on state of the art fully automated Vitek 2 (BioMerieux).

BACT ALERT 3D (BioMeriux France)
Automated Blood Culture System

VITEK-2 COMPACT (BioMeriux France)
Automated Antibiotic Senstivity Testing System


Section is equipped with state of the art technology. PCR facility for MTB and hepatitis viruses both qualitative and quantitative along with genotyping is available. PCR for COVID with quick turnaround time is provided by the laboratory to facilitate patient and airline travelers.

QIAGEN (Germany)
Molecular Diagnostics System

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